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Discover the reverse DNS entries for an IP address, a range of IP addresses or a domain name. IP based reverse DNS lookups will resolve the IP addresses in real time, while the domain name or hostname[...]
DNS recon & research, find & lookup dns records.
Domain Name System (DNS) Historical Record Archive.
DNS records history.
Quickly and easily conduct cyber forensics, prevent brand attacks, digital fraud and take cyber crime investigation to the next level.
The Leading Internet Intelligence Platform for Threat Hunting and Exposure Management. Censys empowers security teams with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date map of the internet to defen[...]
Find other websites owned by the same person. Reverse IP tools are useless when an owner hosts their sites on different servers. Reverse lookup Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates, Ema[...]
Altdns is a DNS recon tool that allows for the discovery of subdomains that conform to patterns. Altdns takes in words that could be present in subdomains under a domain (such as test, dev, staging) a[...]
Sublist3r is a python tool designed to enumerate subdomains of websites using OSINT. It helps penetration testers and bug hunters collect and gather subdomains for the domain they are targeting. Subli[...]
Tools to find popular trends by analysis of DNS data.